About Bala Patel

Bala is a New Zealander of Indian origin. She was born in East Africa where she lived in Nairobi and has also lived in India and England. She settled in New Zealand as a Medical Specialist in 1973 and has been painting since 1978. She retired fromthe Medical Practice in 1999 to paint full time.

Bala is a well known Canterbury artist and has sold paintings all over New Zealand through gallery outlets. She has painted in many mediums but is very excited with her results in Water Colours, specially the unique quality of transparency of that medium. She also paints in acrylics and enjoys the freedom of glazing with this medium to get a special glow in her works.

Bala paints in a Traditional Impressionist style which is forever changing progressively as her paintings are her emotional outlets and each painting is a grand personal experience. Bala does not have a serious message for the viewer but simply wishes to share the excitement of Colour, Splendid Rhythm, Intense Focus and the beauty of the mesmerizing scenes.

She loves painting places where people gather. Markets and cafes depict a collection of people in groups where they unite in thought, talk and romance and each little group can tell a story of its own. Bala concentrates on depicting light, mood and atmosphere in her paintings.

She visits Europe and paints there almost twice a year.

Bala has been an Art Tutor for the last fifteen years and although the classes are in Water Colour, her technique of teaching is such that the classes are of great help to artists painting in any medium. The classes are very inspiring and are ‘charged’ with exciting time. Bala also gets invited to do workshops for well established Art Groups in Canterbury and she enjoys teaching and painting with these groups.

Bala has written her autobiography ‘The Demure One!’—it makes a very fascinating reading.